Please head over to the forum to read a full statement about Curve Fever.

  • We've created a new company with the name Hidden Monster Games.
  • We'll be moving to a new office in Amsterdam next week.
  • From the 10th of April we'll have a new game designer and UI/UX designer working for Curve Fever.
  • We're also hiring two more developers (frontend & backend).
  • Curve Fever 3 has a lot of performance issues and it's out of our control to fix some things such as loading times and general performance.
  • We'll be making a new version of Curve Fever in a new game engine made for the web.
  • The development process of the new game will probably take 6-10 months and we'll start with a open beta version of the game and then continue to push updates like we did with CF3.

Please head over to the forum to read the full statement as a lot of points have been left out here. Any questions regarding the future of Curve Fever should be posted on the forum too.

By Rojoss
28 March 2017