Announcing Curve Fever Pro!

Curve Fever Pro takes the classic Curve Fever gameplay to the next level, expanding it with a multitude of new abilities to upgrade. Customize your ships with an arsenal of diverse powers, weapons and traps such as jumping over curves, shooting, dropping bombs, and much, much more. Check out the official reveal trailer by clicking on the trailer button below! Follow us on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on anything and everything Curve Fever Pro and subscribe to our newsletter for access to the pre-release playtest, happening this month! Curve Fever Pro, coming to your browser, on February 26th, 2018!

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By KevWatch
2 February 2018

Christmas event!

Because it's almost Christmas you can now collect (candy canes) in arena games. You can use these candy canes to buy two new and very special colors in the shop. If it doesn't go fast enough you can buy a booster to double the amount of candy you collect.

By Rojoss
6 December 2017


We noticed a lot of people were sad that they are unable to spend their saved up coins. We've released 2 new curves with a total cost of 125000 coins. Some people might have saved up even more but this is all we can do. The new curves can be purchased after winning in arena 3. Since we'll be replacing CF3 with a new version in the future, this will be the last content update. See the previous news article for more information. Stats may be tweaked still.

By Rojoss
30 March 2017


Please head over to the forum to read a full statement about Curve Fever.

  • We've created a new company with the name Hidden Monster Games.
  • We'll be moving to a new office in Amsterdam next week.
  • From the 10th of April we'll have a new game designer and UI/UX designer working for Curve Fever.
  • We're also hiring two more developers (frontend & backend).
  • Curve Fever 3 has a lot of performance issues and it's out of our control to fix some things such as loading times and general performance.
  • We'll be making a new version of Curve Fever in a new game engine made for the web.
  • The development process of the new game will probably take 6-10 months and we'll start with a open beta version of the game and then continue to push updates like we did with CF3.

Please head over to the forum to read the full statement as a lot of points have been left out here. Any questions regarding the future of Curve Fever should be posted on the forum too.

By Rojoss
28 March 2017


From now on you'll be able to look up your user page from anywhere! You can see your latest matches, achievements, friends and more. We'll probably improve it further in the future but it should be a good start. Click on a match to open a specific match page which you can share with your friends and foes. If you encounter any issues or if you have feedback please let us know on the forum. As with the private chat, leader board etc the avatar displayed is the one you've uploaded to the forum. Profile pages can be found at:{username}. Match pages can be found at:{id}. (Currently not yet possible to search for matches)

By Rojoss
7 February 2017

UPDATE 0.5.3

In this update we've added news and updated the main screen. The main advantage of this is that the chat can always stay open. Check out the changelog to see all the features in this update.

By Rojoss
7 February 2017