17 January, 2017


  • Friends! MORE INFO
    This much anticipated feature is now in the game!
    Click on the link to read about it.
  • Private chat with friends.
  • Play together with friends and you can even spectate arena games of friends.
  • Status messages for friends to know what the're doing.
  • Automatic quality settings MORE INFO
    This is the default for quality settings now.
    It will automatically adjust the settings after each game based on the performance you had during the game.


  • Chat design and layout is completely changed to work with friends and private chats etc.
  • Unfocused chat now has an unread message count instead of a blinking notification.
  • Context menu for quick channel options when right clicking the channel.
  • Notifications have become a bit more advanced with interaction and such.
  • Settings popup art improvements. (sliders and toggles etc)
  • Added a feedback button in the game so standalone users can give feedback too.
  • Dangerzone icon will be hidden when there is someone already eliminated in the round.
  • Things you can't use while not logged in are disabled/hidden now such as settings and chat.
  • Rankings are now logged per game so we can detect issues easier. (also for match history on profile in the future)


  • Calculation of ranking reward. MORE INFO
    Previously the rank you gain after a game was calculated based on the rank you see.
    We've fixed it now so that it's based on your true rank (strength).
    This means you'll not be able to go past your target rank anymore unless you're actually that good.
    We'll probably do a full rank reset before the next season.
  • Knockout games never ending when multiple players disconnect.
  • /rank displaying wrong icon for master leagues.
  • Tooltips not always rendering on top and not aligned properly.
  • Not being able to rejoin games some times. (there might still be some other issues)
  • Backend server issue where rooms wouldn't get destroyed which caused several issues.
  • Several issues with analytics data collection.
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