9 December, 2016


  • Match making based on rank (MMR). MORE INFO
    MMR is calculated based on your rank points and the daily bonus. (beginner bonus is not included)
    Every 3 seconds the MMR range will increase a little so the longer you're waiting the less accurate it will be.
    So you might still play with people with a lot of rank difference if you have to wait a while.
  • Added a limit to the amount of lag players can have. MORE INFO
    Previously if users had a lot of lag you would see them flop constantly and we had to correct their movement constantly.
    We've now added a limit to this lag which means that if the lag is above this threshold the user with the lag will now experience this lag while moving.


  • New users now get the option to either play arena or custom games.
  • Settings are now saved on your account. MORE INFO
    Previously we saved settings in a 'cookie' so every time you logged out you lost your settings.
    This includes settings such as: keys, last color, last curve, last powerup, quality settings, audio settings and so on.
  • Settings are now applied automatically when the popup is closed.
  • We now collect a lot more analytics with a new analytics system.


  • Not being able to spectate custom games that are full.
  • League icons always displayed as bronze in Knockout.
  • Added a time limit on candy spawns to prevent boosting with friends and such.
  • Might have fixed game crash when closing the standalone game.
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