4 November, 2016


  • Knocked out status bar when knocked out so you can continue to watch the game.
  • Radio button for standalone which opens the curve radio website.


  • Knockout is with 8 players now instead of 6.
  • Sound icons have been moved out of the hamburger menu into the main UI.


  • Knockout arena banner and title.
  • Knocked out avatars for the scoreboard on the side and the new knocked out status bar.
  • Danger zone icon for knockout.
  • Matchmaking popup tips on the bottom.
  • You are here overlay for new players.
  • Removed gamemode text from the bottom of the in game UI.
  • Refer a friend button and popup.
  • Round indicator for knockout
  • The winner of the round doesn't get the death overlay anymore.
  • Knocked out icon instead of position icons when knocked out.


  • Desync issues which caused air deaths and such. MORE INFO
    Technical explanation: A desync is when the client (you playing the game) has different data than the server. For example the server might think a curve moved left while your client thinks it moved right. This will make it look like you die in air, go through lines, don't pick up powerups and so on...
  • Synchronization with the server when not focused on the game.
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