28 October, 2016


  • We can now force people to change their username if it's inappropriate.
  • Added a /colors command to display help about the new chat colors.


  • You can now type && to write a & symbol.
  • Made the chat text a little bigger so that it's easier to read.
  • Removed the duplicate message spam check for general chat.
  • Changed max capitals to 40% instead of 20% because of color codes and usernames.


  • Username validation. MORE INFO
    The way we validated usernames has been broken since the release. All users with invalid characters in their username must choose a new name. You'll get a popup where you can enter a new username! This also fixes usernames with html such as size and color tags.
  • Powerups for the round not displayed on the left.
  • Losing ranking points when playing custom games. (Only arenas have rankings)
  • Top 3 achievement only given to the player on the 3rd position and not 2nd and 1st.
  • Changelog/version button not opening the page immediately. (you had to click twice)
  • Prepare for knockout popup powerup picker not closing properly.
  • Hitbox and hover overlay on CF1 and CF2 buttons in the hamburger menu.
  • Buttons not responsive when closing the prepare for knockout popup.
  • Login popup now clears your input when the popup is closed.
  • Fixed the forum button in the hamburger menu not opening the correct page.
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